Caribbean Restaurant in Ottawa, ON

For a flavorful and authentic Caribbean dining experience, Tipikliz is the place to be. We’re proud to be the finest Caribbean restaurant in Ottawa, ON!

Many of our guests have enjoyed our creative dishes of Haitian Caribbean food. Experience a mix of savory flavors and quality meats, seafood, and vegetables. People come from all around to taste the excellent specials on our menu. Whether you’re craving fried plantains or Caribbean rice dishes, we guarantee all of our offerings are made from the freshest and finest ingredients, because you deserve nothing less.

At Tipikliz, we want to provide you with friendly service along with enticing dishes that will bring you back time and time again. Indulge in our fine dishes with family and friends at our welcoming Haitian restaurant today!


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Caribbean Cuisine

We serve a variety of classic Caribbean cuisine including fresh marketplace fish, fried or grilled to perfection. Our island foods are prepared by our talented chef with a passion for sharing the joy of delicious Caribbean dining. With so many tempting options to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one!

Caribbean food is a delightful fusion of all the different cuisines that were brought to the Caribbean islands. In addition, there are unique dishes that the population has created and popularized. At Tipikliz, we are proud to be a family restaurant, which means you are more than welcome to bring your kids down to our establishment for brunch or dinner. It’ll be good to expand your children’s taste buds with our menu of authentic Caribbean cuisine. For date night, leave the kids at home and enjoy some drinks from our cocktail bar.

If you're hungry for a good meal, what are you waiting for? Come down to Tipikliz in Ottawa, ON today! We’ll be ready to serve you as soon as you arrive.

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Haitian Food

Haitian cuisine is similar to Caribbean food but maintains it's own unique flavors and cooking styles. Favoring a blend of bold and spicy elements, Haitian food is heavily influenced by the African culinary aesthetic. Tipikliz puts our own spin on traditional Haitian dishes so come in and taste them for yourself.

From a hot bowl of bouillon to poul an sos, we have all of your island cuisine favorites. We don't skimp when it comes to quality ingredients and generous portions. Our dishes strike the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Our filling plates of meat, rice and beans are sure to satisfy your cravings for comfort food. We promise that you won't leave our restaurant hungry. Our servers strive to provide attentive service that is never overbearing.

If you want to try something new, visit our Haitian restaurant in Ottawa, ON. Tipikliz is here to expand your range of culinary experiences with our diverse menu!

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Caribbean Food Delivery


Tipikliz offers an efficient Caribbean food delivery service in Ottawa, ON. We know that sometimes it is hard to make it to our restaurant or you'd rather not leave your cozy home. In these cases, leave it up to us to bring a hot meal right to your doorstep.

With our service, you can order your favorite Caribbean or Haitian food selections and enjoy it in the comfort of your home! From our delicious Caribbean rice dishes to fried plantains, you’ll have a diverse selection of meals. The only thing you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your lunch or dinner. Don’t stress over the hassle of preparing a meal. With our service you can order a warm and delicious meal without a hitch. Our delivery services are prompt and accurate because we want you to get your food as fast as possible.

Call Tipikliz today for the best food delivery service in Ottawa, ON. Tipikliz will deliver your island cuisine favorites on time for you to enjoy!


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